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Wow that was an awesome ball :D. I kinda wish I had taken some photos though. Well anyway, this year's theme was baywatch, and was heaps better than I thought it would be. For one thing they had glow sticks and beachballs which got tossed around on the dance floor as well as some funny decorations. The food wasn't bad, in fact I LOVED they wedges they had, and the pavalova was great too. The photo queues were quite short and the whole thing wasn't too crowded. My only complaint is that the music wasn't quite as awesome (though still good).

Yea I'm kinda rambling on, but the afterball was even more awesome. They had a foam machine, a smoke machine and stobe lights too. The venue fit it well, since it wasn't too crowed, I loved the high ceilings, it wasn't too cold, and the atmosphere was just generally awesome. The music was amazing too, it was especially cool when they put on 'sandstorm' cause it was like a rush of stobe lights. That was such a great weekend.

Not to mention, there was also the drawfest on sunday, which just added to the fun. I was sooo sleepy by end of it though. I would mention all the people that went, but I suck at the whole links thing, so I'll just leave this:

There, done. Please visit drewfest if you're interested in drawing and fun :aww:.

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Awesome :D.
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