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Awsomeness, it Queen's birthday this weekend but we also had Friday off for mid term break, so it's a four day weekend weehee!

Anyway, the last two days were pretty cool. I just came back from a party and I also went to another party yesterday night. Both of them were after parties for Les Mis (there are about five this weekend), first time at a party and it was pretty cool especially the first one, sing star was the perfect entertainment for the Les Mis cast wouldn't you say? The second party was not as good due to the drunk weirdos but it was quiet big and nice to see almost everyone again.

~MythTalker I wish you could have come, also Chissy, Athena, Lizzy, and Jarrod.

Yay! Art tommorow, I'm starting a painting. Hope I'd get it finnished before the end of this year, two hours per week that'll mean I'll have about 30 hours on it since I don't go in the holidays.

Note: I'd just realised, yesterday I showered four times in a 24 hour period :O_o: and for no particular reason.
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Username-IMAKEJOKE Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
Well not if it keeps you clean :p
dust-n-scratches Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
You party ANIMAL! ^____^ Sounds like so much fun. Makes me wish I'd joined Les Miz...

Note: Me thinks someone has developed a disorder in obsessive-compulsive behaviour. But thats not necessarily a bad thing :bye:
Ice-222 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
Didn't you always say that I have an obsessive cleaning problem? Strange that my house is still so messy thought ain't it?

Next year you should join, even as a crew. Pingie and I will try sneak you into the cast parties ;)
dust-n-scratches Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2005
Yay! Will do... n since i will be BIG POWERFUL seventh former next year i might get priority for placings.
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