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Haha time to replace my 2 year old journal entry, tbh nothing much ever changes for me so it's not like a new entry was really necessary. I'm still drawing plenty, but just mostly in my sketchbook which I don't bother posting.

And that is all for my update.

Ice-222 signing off!
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  • Eating: Sushi at uni
Ahhh I was really hoping I'd get some more art on here during the hols, but ended up getting nothing done but uncompleted works. Had so many arty plans: making a set of emotes, doing a teeny-tiny comic type thing, a few drawing I'd been meaning to finish, the second page to my "Rabbit Princess" myth-styled tale as well as a few non-arty things like learning to drive. Far too ambitious perhaps?

Okay, I didn't get 'nothing', I did go skiing (snowboarding actually), I did go to drawfest and even cosplayed for Doujin-Overload. Even submitted something to the Doujin art competition. Didn't win anything of course, but was fun all the same. Just wish it weren't A3 though, cause then I could scan and submit it here.

Too late for regrets though, as uni has now started again. It's really not too bad, in fact I quite enjoy uni :). It's just those nagging little things like reapplying for student allowance, buy/selling text books, etc. that are really getting on my nerves. I am an optimist at heart though, so hopefully, paperwork for Student Allowance won't be that much of a drag, and I hope to make a few new friends this semester. Not that old friends are bad, but for someone a little timid like me, a BA is a real bitch when it comes to opportunity to make friends :p.  
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Whoa, I have an exam tomorrow and 2 the day after, scary! I haven't studied at all, gosh I'm in trouble. Oops. Anyway, looking at my dev art page today I noticed that I haven't changed my Id since I was 17... and my profile still says I'm 18. Haha, I'm actually 19 now :D but hey, 'm ment to be studying right? so too bad, you guys are stuck with my wrong profile till I have time to fix it so there :P. Can't wait till the holidays start :D!
Haha, just read my last journal entry, it's so... EMO. Bleh, can't believe I left it up there for so long.

Just decided to hop back on after being away for so long. Haven't really done anything here since the beginning of the year. I have so many unfinished drawing and doodles from lecture that I should finish and upload, but somehow with the two essays that I have looming, I don't think I'll get round to them for awhile yet. Anyway, good luck for to everyone else who might have exams and such soon. Cause I for one sure will need it!
  • Reading: Craccum
  • Playing: With my new pet ratties
  • Eating: Sushi
  • Drinking: Chysanthemum tea
What is it about uni that makes it force people apart? I never get to see the people I want to see without feeling like I'm making an appointment, and people who you've been close to for so long just end up unreachable. When you do get the off chance to see someone, it's like you're too wrapped you in your own lives, and all that's left in the conversations are shallow greetings.

Maybe the thing that saddens me the most, is knowing the fact, that the most unforgettable people in my life, will soon forget about me.

It's a shame that I can't forget you too.
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Well I' actully in Singapore right now :). It's great, much better shopping than new zealand, and it's always warm here. Gonna be away for two weeks so there'll be no art :P.

Haha not that I'm drawing much lately... after spending 3 days with little or no sleep to finish up my portfolio for Uni (architecture), unsurprizingly I feel like a break from it. I am pretty darn prod of one of the sketces subitted tho, I'll see if I can find a way to scan it and put it up, once I get the portfolio back :). It's A2 tho, so I'm not sre how I'd do that...
*Sigh* now I wish I did this earlier, but it wasn't until Auckland University came to talk to my school that I realised that I REALLY should start picking what I'll do. Now unfortunately, the only course that looks like it fits what I want (the Massey University Visual Design stuffs) is in Wellington. While the second best option is Architecture in Auckland University, but I'll ahve to compile a portfolio as well as pass every singel one of my classics exams at the end of the year.

I wanted a design corse that's actully challenging not just 'artsy crap' (nothing against art, but it's just that it's not something I'd go to UNI for. So now I either have to start picking a diffrent thing, like a BA, or work my ass off on a portfolio for the deadline, and pass all my classics exams for a course I'm not garanteed to get into or even like. Having to fuss about all this REALLY doesn't help, since I also have my mock exams next week.
Some of you may have noticed that I've dissappeared for a week, most of you probably didn't. But either way, I had a pretty darn awesome time.

I went down to Christchurch on Monday for a 3 day training camp and a foil fencing competition. The good thing is that I improved from the trainig and I got 1st place out of the girls, the bad would be that I was the ONLY girl so it's hardly deserved. But it wasn't just the fencing that made it great, but the person I was with; he knows who he is.
Wow that was an awesome ball :D. I kinda wish I had taken some photos though. Well anyway, this year's theme was baywatch, and was heaps better than I thought it would be. For one thing they had glow sticks and beachballs which got tossed around on the dance floor as well as some funny decorations. The food wasn't bad, in fact I LOVED they wedges they had, and the pavalova was great too. The photo queues were quite short and the whole thing wasn't too crowded. My only complaint is that the music wasn't quite as awesome (though still good).

Yea I'm kinda rambling on, but the afterball was even more awesome. They had a foam machine, a smoke machine and stobe lights too. The venue fit it well, since it wasn't too crowed, I loved the high ceilings, it wasn't too cold, and the atmosphere was just generally awesome. The music was amazing too, it was especially cool when they put on 'sandstorm' cause it was like a rush of stobe lights. That was such a great weekend.

Not to mention, there was also the drawfest on sunday, which just added to the fun. I was sooo sleepy by end of it though. I would mention all the people that went, but I suck at the whole links thing, so I'll just leave this:

There, done. Please visit drewfest if you're interested in drawing and fun :aww:.

Woooo funny number:
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Awesome :D.
Well First week of the holidays has been rather hectic for me. Fun, bu there's still work I need to do and I'm really stressing about a upcomming drama assesment. *sigh* I guess I'm just tired, I don't even feel like it's the holidays right now.

The BAD: Well drama assesement due next week... Have a load of book work and tasks to do, I lost the assesment criteria sheet, have to write a script, learn the lines AND perform by next wednesday.

It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't aquired a strange version of stage fright. I completely forget my lines as soon as I finish my first sentence no matter how well I knew it beforehand. I already fully embarassed myself this way twice this year, and I have to say it was probably one of the most embarassing moments of my life.

Hahaha... I also came dead last in a recent fencing competition, even losing against people I can normally easily beat.

The GOOD: This week was kinda fun. Monday, I hung out with someone I adore and later that night had a nice dinner and ice cream with friends. Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't do much, but on the next few days I went to a fencing training camp and the competition that follows it.

Thurday, night after training we all went home seperately for a shower and some dinner before we met up for a bit of pool and bowling. It was fun, and also quite hilarious since at one point the mega screen of the alley started playing hentai and also cause one of the fencing guys got snubbed by his girlfreind when he tried to kiss her [girlfriend pwned :giggle:] poor guy.

Saturady after the competition, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean then later, met up with the fencing people, since the Christchurch people would be leaving soon so we all hung out again. It was fun, involed Xbox, pizza and two rather cute and funny kittens :).

Sunday was DOUJIN OVERLOAD, my first time going to anything of the sort and was plesently suprised :). Made some purchases, bumped into some friends, and had a throughly fun time with my sister. We also walked around city, where I window-shopped a lot while my sister managed to by two CDs [Darn it, I didn't have enough for a CD by The Postal Service which I've gotten to like]. Lastly I went to watch 'Click' which was kinda funny, but I found it quite sad.

Overall I guess I've had a good time. Just feeling tired and a bit stressed due to my impending, drama-related doom. Wish me luck guys :(.

20th July, 2006: Oh wow I reached 1000 pageviews without knowing it, the last time I looked it was 970 something. Pretty suprized I manage to get so many, since I'm such a lazy bastard when it comes to art. I draw enough, I just can't be bothered scanning ^^;.
Wheee now i feel special :D.

Just joking, but yay!
Just got back from my trip yesterday. I went down mainly for the fencing competitions but didn't really get to fence much and didn't get very good rankings. Most days were spent cheering my friends on which were kinda dull, but also kinda nice to see them doing well. I went with three friends and who I spent time with during our two free days. The first free day was Thursday, where we went to the Antactic center. Later my friend Phoebe and I, spit from the group to watch a movie with our fellow Aucklander friend before meeting back up with them for more fencing. On Friday we were joined by another freind, Simon. The five of us went tenpin bowling, and also played some pool. We went shopping together for a bit aswell before we went to a spa and dinner. On Saturday, competitions started again (National under 20s) it was the guys' day to fence, and our was the next day. But dispite this, all of us from our fencing club went out for dinner and went back to my hotel room for drinks (yes I'm well aware I'm underage, as were most of us there). Anyway, only one person was really drunk since we didn't really drink much, but we had fun all the same. It was a pretty funny night.

Hope all you New Zealanders (and Aussies, if you guys are on break too) have had a fun holiday so far too :).
The Bad: A four day english assesment, Math test tommorow, Physics assignment due, and Math assignment due.

The Good: Fencing movie night (yay!), A ball...

The Neutral: Drama rehersal, fencing competition (would normally be a good thing but it's on the same day as the ball), after ball... I heard they're the best part but I'm not really a party person so am a little worried about the people who would be drunk and stuff.

Looks like the cons out way the pros by a whole heap... *sigh*
Definately not happy with the state of affairs :(.

Why is homework So important anyway? Tell me ONE good reason why I should do homework, when I do relatively well in class anyway. Why should I spend countless hours of what's supposed to be my OWN time doing pointless things that are comparable to writting lines -repetative, pointless, boring. I really don't want to spend $20 for an homework book that I do not need (I did not need one last year and did not fail a single math external, plus 2 excellences, 2(1?) Merit and 2 Acheiveds is not bad). Bah! I just felt the need to vent about the pointless-ness of homework.

GAH! I'm also annoyed at exams exams aswell, not my own but AGS exams. Now I won't get to see my Boyfriend for ages, and goddamnit I do miss him! If anyone makes a funny comment about that you'll be sorry. I'm not in a good mood so you better believe it. *Glare*
Awsomeness, it Queen's birthday this weekend but we also had Friday off for mid term break, so it's a four day weekend weehee!

Anyway, the last two days were pretty cool. I just came back from a party and I also went to another party yesterday night. Both of them were after parties for Les Mis (there are about five this weekend), first time at a party and it was pretty cool especially the first one, sing star was the perfect entertainment for the Les Mis cast wouldn't you say? The second party was not as good due to the drunk weirdos but it was quiet big and nice to see almost everyone again.

~MythTalker I wish you could have come, also Chissy, Athena, Lizzy, and Jarrod.

Yay! Art tommorow, I'm starting a painting. Hope I'd get it finnished before the end of this year, two hours per week that'll mean I'll have about 30 hours on it since I don't go in the holidays.

Note: I'd just realised, yesterday I showered four times in a 24 hour period :O_o: and for no particular reason.
OOOOOH!!!!! it's so sad, can't belive it's already finnished. Just glad I met some really nice people (though I didn't make as many friends as I'd hoped I would) in the process. It was quiet a wild show night, though the after party was so dull that it simply could not be called a party.

By the way it was my birthday yesterday, turned 17 -_- so old. thank you to everyone who was so nice to me yesterday, especially to those that sang 'happy bithday' to me. Still can't believe that DAD spiked my punch, what an undad-like thing to do.

I've had so much fun through out the production, I'm going to do this again next time :D.

Note: Saw a shooting star today for the first time. It was pretty damn cool too.
Rehersal Rehersal Rehersal. But hey who's complaining? Not me, I got to miss school :D. Lots of fun even though I'm only Chorus, and sitting between scenes was kinda dull.

I've got to complain a little about Menigitis shots though, not too pleasent that. Oh well it's all over... until the next shot.

And if Pingus, you ever visit this page. Don't tell me to do stupid things again, why do i let my friends (and sister) hold that much infleuence over me *sigh*. Now I've gone and made an idiot infront of someone I need to face for another 12 days or so (until the shows end) :P.
I feel like an evil mastermind today. Petting the kitty sitting on my lap, going click clikity click and wreaking harvoc on the internet. But say, do evil masterminds get colds???
I'm so happy we finally have a scanner! So I just Had to put something up today. More fun and experimenting as soon as I have more time, I'm going away for the term break holiday in three days so I can't do anything during the two weeks I'm away, and I so much I have to do before then. What is making this non-buzy person suddenly so buzy you ask?

Well, believe it or not I have to memorise a poem which I'm reading for the poetry and pandemonium night, there's rehersal for the Les Miserables production tommorow, and 6 Physics writeups to do, homework, all with a deadline of Wednesday . Haha but I still feel a minimal amout of stress is that odd?

I hope all you kiwis out there have an excellent holiday cause I certainly plan on having one.
Hmmm, it seems the scanner that my dad said he's getting isn't here yet. So I guess that until then, there won't be much art on  my page :(.

On a happier note -or not, if you happen not to like my art- I will try my best to put something up before the end of Feburary. I will try to keep high standards here so many of my pics might end up going to my scraps page, until I start getting slack again (that's what you should expect from a procrastinator like me).

I'm quiet happy cause I feel so fit today. I ran four times round the orange circut outside my fencing club, and ran a further two times with my friend to keep her company while she warmed up. I feel so proud :D.

Anyway, I better sleep now, it's late and there's school tomorrow...